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Hey all!

2011-02-22 03:54:38 by TheMerc

Not a single post up until now. So unprofessional! Anyway, I make submissions to the Audio Portal here and there. Most of it is video game music, though I do get the urge to mess with other genres from time to time. Overall, I'd consider my skills to be fairly solid. I've still got a lot to learn, though, so constructive criticism is always welcome. If you have need of a song for a project and one of my submissions happens to the bill, feel free to use it. Just send a PM my way and let me know you are so I can see the finished product :D

Anyway, that's all out of me for now. My newest submission-and my first one in some time, I might add :P-is up! It's a mix of Gravity Beetle's theme from Megaman X3. Give it a listen and let me hear your opinion.

Until next time!